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Health Tipsยป6 Easy Ways to keep of Your Heart healthy

6 Easy Ways to keep of Your Heart healthy

Posted on 01 Jul 2020 by Vijaypal Singh541
6 Easy Ways to keep of Your Heart healthy

In 2016, the estimated number of people suffering from cardiovascular disorders in India was 54.5 million. Isn't this fact frightening? The most critical organ in our body getting affected so easily and killing so many people on a daily basis is quite a shock. But unfortunately, our daily lifestyle and our inability to change it have caused such a significant proportion of the population being affected by cardiovascular diseases. 

According to researchers, most of the cases of cardiovascular diseases are preventable, which is why we should be aware of our heart health. It is never too late, to begin with, a healthier lifestyle, which is why in this post we will educate you about a few things that you should begin doing if you want to take care of your heart's health. 

A lot of these steps have been recommended by the world health organisation (WHO) and incorporating these steps in your daily lifestyle will not only help you keep your heart healthy, but it will also enhance your overall immunity. Out of these 6 most important way require to keep your Healthy up to 60's!   

Reduce Alcohol Consumption 

Let us get one fact straight; there is no safe level for alcohol intake! The consumption of alcohol corresponds to more than 200 diseases and injuries which includes cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, if we know that it causes so much harm to the body, then we should stop ingesting it all together. If you drink alcohol on a regular basis, then you must take steps today to reduce its consumption. Not only can alcohol harm your heart, but it can also bring other harmful risks which are totally unavoidable.        

Cut Salt Intake 

Another thing that we do on a daily basis which is quite harmful to the heart is in taking a lot of salt. A diet rich in salt results in high blood pressure. This can eventually increase your risk to contract a heart disease or even a stroke. You must always aim to eat food that contains less than 1.5 g of salt.

You are worried about the flavour of your food; then you can look for other healthy alternatives such as white or black pepper, thyme, sage and even coriander which will tend to make your food tasty without making it salty! 

Quit Smoking 

Cigarettes are perhaps the most toxic substances that cause significant harm to the human body. From the lungs to the heart, smoking damages a person's health to a great extent. According to researches, smokers are twice as likely to have a heart attack as the ones who do not smoke. This corresponds to the fact that smoking damages the arteries, which are simply the vessels that carry the blood to different parts of the body. 

Smoking also reduces the oxygen levels in the blood and raises blood pressure. As such, you must avoid smoking if you are looking for betterment in your heart's health!        

Exercise Regularly 

Staying active is one of the healthiest things that anyone can incorporate in their lifestyle. If you get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise in your entire week, it can help you a great deal in lowering the risks of heart-related diseases. You can begin by working out 30 minutes every day without fail. You can also increase the time of your exercise according to your requirements. 

Exercising regularly not only helps in keeping the heart-healthy, but it also helps in controlling weight. Overweight people have a higher risk of hypertension since high cholesterol causes this disease. As such, staying active contributes a lot to the proper functioning of the heart! 

Eat Fish

If you like seafood, incorporate more fish in your diet. We do not say this because of culinary reasons but because of the fact that fish meat is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The omega-three fatty acids help to keep heart diseases away. Many readily available fish like salmon, tuna, sardines, etc. are rich sources of these fatty acids.  

If you are a vegetarian, then you can opt to eat Chia seeds since they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and ALA. Studies have found that Chia seeds can decrease the risk of chronic diseases and constitute a terrific group of food options ! 

Reduce Fat Intake 

One of the most important things to do while you are on a journey towards achieving a healthier heart is reducing the intake of saturated fats. Your daily lifestyle should not contain more than 7% of saturated fats. This is why you should make sure to read the nutrition labels before buying an item from the supermarket. Make sure to follow the step literally every time that you buy food and avoid buying these foods in case they are high in saturated fat content. 

There are a variety of ways in which you can get fit. But keeping your heart fit can keep a lot of other diseases at bay. This is why you need to incorporate all the steps in your daily lifestyle so that you can keep your heart happy and eventually yourself !


Our e-mail updates will keep you informed on our company, new products, stories from the millions of people we help live healthier longer lives.