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Health TipsยปGuide a mom for better health

Guide a mom for better health

Posted on 10 Jul 2020 by Vijaypal Singh317
Guide a mom for better health

Did you become a mom recently? Or have you been a mother for quite some time now? In either case, this article is for you. We understand how becoming a mother can stress a woman. From taking care of their children to an immense increase in the responsibilities, mothers have the most challenging job in the world. But sometimes in the process of taking care of their children, they tend to forget about themselves. 

In a majority of women, after becoming a mother there, the entire world most likely revolves around their children. It is a fact that becoming a parent definitely brings joy, but at times it can become pretty exhausting. We all know how mothers are busy even on the weekends, and they get no sick leaves. Their kids are the essential things in their lives, and as such, they forget to look after their own health. 

But this won't help at all. Ignoring one's personal needs can often result in exhaustion, stress and even some form of mental issues. We strongly believe that a healthy and happy mom is a better mom which is why it is quite imperative for you to look after yourself. When you do not focus on your own needs, you will certainly not be able to deliver on your child's needs.

 This is why we have compiled a list of some easy to perform lifestyle changes that will help you to become a healthier mother. You can consider this as a guide and follow all the options that suit you. 

Don't Compromise On Sleep

 Lack of sleep gets everyone irritated. From adults to little children if one is not able to sleep for a considerable amount of time, then even the slightest amount of discomfort might make someone angry. However, a healthy mother needs to make sure that she sleeps about eight hours a day. When you ensure that you are sleeping for a considerable amount of time, you give your body ample time to recover from the stress and exhaustion. This way, you will be able to deliver more to your child than being sleep deprived.

 Indulge In Self Care

 Indulging in self-pampering sessions is very important for modern-day mothers. We understand the fact that mothers at this time not only have to manage their babies, but they also have a career to look after. In such situations, these women tend to forget their own rest. Your self-care of as simple as spending a lovely time in a jacuzzi or even going to a spa for a full body massage. You must also continue with your social life and meet with your friends as usual. This ensures a fresher mind and keeps the boredom at bay.

 Pay Attention To Your Food Intake

 We cannot stress the fact that mothers have the most tedious job in the world. But to perform this job every day without fail won't be possible if you will not intake proper nutrients. Make sure to take a balanced diet enriched with all the macronutrients such as carbohydrates fats and proteins. Do not intake stuff that you know will harm you, such as excessive alcohol or foods with enormous amounts of sugar. You can also incorporate some superfoods to increase the amount of healthier food options that you eat every day. These superfoods include soya, spinach, walnuts, yoghurt, beans, broccoli, oats, blueberries etc.


 When we say exercise, we don't always mean that you have to enrol in the gym and let a gym instructor put you on a plan. If you are busy and you cannot make it to the gym, then you have to be realistic as well. Instead of worrying about reaching the gym, you can work out at your own home if you incorporate a little bit of discipline in your life. If you have kids, then you can also encourage them to join you into healthier practices like yoga. At the end of the day, it's all about being healthy and if you can do it by not going elsewhere then you definitely must.


Plan Ahead


We know her planning ahead sounds like a very mundane thing to do, but it truly helps when you are busy. You need to buy a monthly planner immediately and start penning down the things that you are supposed to do the entire month, from regular visits to the grocery store to everything that you spend your time in, write it down in your planner. You can also write down the meals that you will be making in a week. People who plan their things well in advance do not have to stress unnecessarily. Planning makes everyone's lives easier!  


Be Proud Of Yourself


Sometimes, mothers may feel like they are not always good enough. But trust us, they always are! Transform your mindset and be proud of all the hard work that you do. Start feeling good about yourself by counting three helpful things that you do for your kids every day. Don't worry if no one else recognises it, be your own motivation!


Our e-mail updates will keep you informed on our company, new products, stories from the millions of people we help live healthier longer lives.