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Health TipsยปHow to avoid back pain while working from home

How to avoid back pain while working from home

Posted on 17 Jul 2020 by Vijaypal Singh373
How to avoid back pain while working from home

If you are stuck at home because of the social distancing norms, the chances are that you must be working from home itself. This is the safest option in a time where one can catch the coronavirus if they are careless. But working from home is not easy. It comes with its own side effects, back pain being one of them. But are there any ways in which you can avoid it? Let's explore. 

Back pain is a common ailment in people who are working from home. This is because you don't have to wake up in the morning, get ready and reach your workplace like you usually would. This cuts down on the commuting time in which your body gets some exercise. Moreover sitting at one desk in the same posture for a longer duration also elicits back pain. However, this problem has been increased ever since the pandemic was declared. 

This is why we have taken upon ourselves to prepare a guide for you in case you are afraid that you will develop back pain too. Please take a look at the following steps and follow them to avoid back pain while working from home. 

Taking Breaks 

While working from home, set up a realistic timeframe for your work-related shenanigans. From waking up to going to sleep, working non-stop is never the solution. This is why you must prepare a realistic schedule which incorporates more breaks. This will ensure that your back gets straightened every now and then. It will also ensure the health of your eyes which might get strained if you stare onto your computer screens for too long. 

Adjust Your Chair 

If you have an office chair back at your home, you have to begin playing with the adjustments. If you have a reclining mechanism onto your chair, you must use it to change your position regularly. Changing positions in your office chair make sure that your back is not in an uncomfortable posture for too long.       

Take Walking Sessions 

If your work requires you to discuss the meetings and other productive activities on your cell phone for too long, then walk while you do it. When you are sitting on a chair for a longer duration, and a call arrives, you might as well develop a bad posture. As such, you can try going for a walk in your backyard while you speak to your colleagues or boss. This would ensure that your back gets enough time to straighten and, as such, you won't develop a backache.         


We can undoubtedly say that organisational skills also help to avoid developing back pain while we are working from home. You can organise your workload to ensure that you are doing different things in specific slots of time. This way, you won't have to sit in front of your computer screen for too long or speak on your cell phone when it comes to getting a job done. 

Set Up Your Very Own Office At Home

This is an excellent tip for people who get distracted very soon and are looking for a remedy to avoid sitting in the same posture for too long. You can set up your own office space by utilising a room where not a lot of your family members go. You can also set up a separate table in your own bedroom. Organise your files, electronic equipment, pens etc. in such a way that it looks like a proper workspace. 

Setting up your own office at home increases productivity and may also help you to be and feel the best physically. You can also invest in a few office appliances, in case your work from home job is going to continue for an extended duration of time. You have to understand that office chairs are not a one size fit all size. Take your time to choose an office chair that improves your comfort and contributes to your overall productivity.

Set Up Your Monitor 

When you are working on a laptop, in the majority of cases, you might go around the house or even snuggle in your blanket while working. But in case you have a computer then make sure to adjust its height according to your comfort. The height of your computer should not be too high or too low. The monitor should be placed at such a height that your eye is able to reach it without having to bend down your neck. In simple words, it should be placed at such a height that makes you twist or turn your neck at uncomfortable angles.


You can incorporate exercise on the days when you are not working. Now that you have enough time to relax in your garden incorporate a few exercises in your daily routine. When you perform stretching exercises on a daily basis, you ensure flexibility in your spine. If you regularly engage in aerobic activities, you also ensure essential blood flow which may prevent frequent backaches. 

Remember, working from home is a difficult job, but your package should not hinder you in terms of creativity and productivity


Our e-mail updates will keep you informed on our company, new products, stories from the millions of people we help live healthier longer lives.