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Health TipsยปSoft Drinks Have A hard Impact On Human Health

Soft Drinks Have A hard Impact On Human Health

Posted on 13 Jul 2020 by Vijaypal Singh323
Soft Drinks Have A hard Impact On Human Health

Do you know how much amount of sugar are you supposed to intake every day? For good health, the World Health Organisation recommends consuming no more than six tablespoons of sugar. But do you know how much sugar is there in the fizzy drink that you buy when you go to watch a movie? You would be surprised to know that a large soft drink glass offered at the movie theatres contains about 44 spoonfuls of sugar. 

You have to believe us when we say that soft drinks have a severe impact on human health. A majority of times, we don't realise the effect of all the bad things that we intake. Fortunately, the effects of soft drinks are very well researched, and as such, you must begin to avoid it at all costs. At some sources, soft drinks are also referred to as sweet poison which is partly true. 

Time and again, we have been told to avoid drinking soft drinks because they are nothing but a glass of soda and sugar. But we don't do anything unless we have evidence. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss a few ways in which soft drinks harm human health. Let's get started. 


Researchers have shown that if you intake soft drinks frequently, then the sugar from the soft drinks may promote excessive calorie intake and cause weight gain. This can be understood by the fact that show of soft drinks are packed with a large amount of fructose which is unhealthy if you consume it in a massive amount. A high intake of such a sugar seems to promote belly fat which also increases disease risks. 

Additionally, in some studies, it was found that drinking soft drinks on a frequent basis decreased the insulin sensitivity and increased the belly fat. It was also found out that the fat burning and metabolic rate of the body went down. 

Blood Sugar 

When you consume a soft drink, you are consuming a large amount of liquid sugar. Therefore,  in addition to promoting weight gain, the calories from the liquid sugar also increase the blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. This corresponds to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. Also, when you consume more sugar than your liver can store as glycogen, the extra sugar converts into fat. Some part of this fat gets stored in your liver which may cause inflammation and even fatty liver disease. 

Risk Of Heart Diseases

Several different studies have indicated that when you consume more fructose, then the fat molecules in your bloodstream also get increased. High amounts of these fats in your blood exposes you to heart disease-related risks. In a different study, it was also found that increased consumption of these beverages caused an unhealthy change in the particle size of the bad cholesterol in the blood. Moreover, liquid sugars may act even more harmful to people who are insulin resistant or who are obese.         

Effect On Teeth 

Soft drinks have proven to be extremely harmful to normal dental health. There are two main ways in which soft drinks end up harming your teeth. One of these ways is erosion. When the acids in the soft drinks come in contact with the tooth enamel, erosion begins. These acids dissolve the protective layer and reduce the hardness of the enamel surface. But not just this, soft drinks can affect the next layer also and invite cavities. People who drink soft drinks regularly develop such cavities over time. This is why soft drinks are a primary causative agent of poor oral hygiene.

Joint Health 

Another lousy effect that soft drinks have on human health is an increased risk of gout. In a study, it was found out that women who consume soft drinks regularly had a 75% higher risk of gout. This can be attributed to the fact that the high amount of sugars that we intake through the soft drinks has to be converted into glucose. During this conversion, uric acid is produced. Excess of uric acid production produces crystals which get deposited in the joints. 

Pancreatic Health 

According to studies, increased consumption of soft drinks may also result in the development of pancreatic cancer. Experts say that the pancreas maintains the blood sugar levels in the human body by secreting insulin. This insulin encourages pancreatic cells to grow and divide. When insulin is increased, the possibility of cancer development could also increase. This is why one must altogether avoid it.       

Early Menstruation 

Regular intake of soft drinks may also cause early menstruation in girls. Since sugary drinks interact with insulin levels in the body, there are higher levels of sex hormones which eventually make these girls have their periods earlier than the girls who do not consume sugary drinks. 

Now that you know so many health effects that soft drinks have on human health, would you still consume it? There are a number of different alternatives that you can choose instead of soft drinks. These include fruit infused water, home-made iced tea and even yoghurt-based beverages!


Our e-mail updates will keep you informed on our company, new products, stories from the millions of people we help live healthier longer lives.