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Health TipsยปStretching Exercises For Wrist Pain

Stretching Exercises For Wrist Pain

Posted on 07 Aug 2020 by Vijaypal Singh272
Stretching Exercises For Wrist Pain

Have you begun to feel a pain in your wrist or your hand? You must start finding out the cause of this pain as early as possible. Wrist pain can bring a lot of discomforts, mainly since we use our hands in almost everything that we do. In this text, we will take a look at some of the stretching exercises, which may help to get relief from wrist pain. These simple exercises will also help in preventing any injury in the future. 

Our hands perform several tasks every day. They help in gripping the objects that we hold, and they also help us use our fingers while typing on the keyboard. All of these repetitive motions may eventually create stiffness in the wrists as well as fingers. But one is not entirely powerless. Practising a few stretching exercises will help your hands and your wrist to retain flexibility and avoid any pain in the future.      

These exercises will increase flexibility while lowering the risk of injury. Moreover, even doctors recommend practising stretching as a preventive measure or to ease mild pain. But one must make sure that if you're suffering from a severe joint issue, then you must always consult your doctor before performing any of these exercises.

 Tennis Ball Squeeze

This exercise is excellent for people who cannot involve themselves in intensive workouts. Not only is this easy to perform, but it also helps to strengthen your wrists without any equipment. All you need is a tennis ball and a comfortable place to sit. Hold the tennis ball in your hand and squeeze it for 5 to 10 seconds. If you do it properly, then it should not pain at all. This exercise is not only for those who are experiencing mild pain in the wrist, but it is also great for people who would like to strengthen their wrist in the long run.  

Upside Down Stretch 

To perform this stretch, reach your right arm in front of you and open the palms. Then turn the palm downwards so that your fingertips point in the direction of the ground. Use your left hand to pull out at the right fingertips in a downward direction. This will eventually stretch the palm and the bottom of the wrist. Wait for a few counts and then perform the same activity with the other hand.         

Bent Wrist 

This rest exercise is a form of frontal stretch. These type of stretches help to work the top of the hand. These exercises help to feel good and are generally not painful. To perform the bent wrist exercise straighten your right arm in front of you. Now bend the hands down so that the fingertips are pointing towards the ground. Utilise the left-hand to pull the top of the hand and fingertips. You will feel a stretch on the top of the wrist. Hold this posture for two seconds and then release. You have to repeat the entire exercise five times before switching hands.       

The Fan Fist 

This is one of the most easiest exercises to practise. It is beneficial for people who are feeling a slight pain in their wrists. To perform this exercise, fold your hands tightly in a fist and then open them as wide as possible. Make sure to spread your fingers as far away from each other. This would help in making the stretching effective. You have to fan out your fingers ten times before switching the hand.


This exercise can be practised by a person from any age group since it does not involve a lot of movement or the requirement of any equipment.

Prayer Stretch

Another excellent exercise for stretching your hands and wrists is the moving prayer stretch. To perform this exercise, place your hands together at the centre of your chest with the elbows to the side. You have to begin by pressing the index fingers together. Station your hand near your lips and while keeping the palms pressed together, move the hands down through the centre of your body's axis. Once you reach the bellybutton, release the hands and begin again. One can repeat this exercise 10 times.

Palm Pulses

To perform this exercise, you have to sit on the floor in a crouching position and put your hands flat on the ground. You must open your fingers as wide as you can. Now pull your arms off the ground keeping the top part of your hand and your fingers stuck to the floor. This way, you will only be stretching the rest. Repeat this exercise for 10 to 30 times.The palm pulses ensure proper stretching of the hand and the rest. It should be able to relieve the pain and make the wrist more flexible after regular exercise.


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