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Health TipsยปWhy diabetes and heart disease is a deadly combination

Why diabetes and heart disease is a deadly combination

Posted on 20 Aug 2020 by Vijaypal Singh63
Why diabetes and heart disease is a deadly combination

Both diabetes and heart diseases are very commonly occurring disorders. However, when they occur simultaneously, it may become quite a deadly combination. According to experts, If a diabetic person suffers a heart attack, he is at a greater risk of heart failure followed by death than those who are not diabetic. As such, the presence of both disorders can be fatal.

A majority of heart diseases develop due to unhealthy lifestyle practises. These tend to increase the cholesterol content in the blood, which results in clots. These clots make it difficult for the blood to flow through the blood vessels by providing resistance. Since the blood does not flow to the tissues of the organs properly, a heart attack may take place. If the blood flow gets stopped in the brain, a stroke may occur.                    

Diabetes mellitus is also a very common disorder. Diabetes refers to high levels of blood sugars. Apart from affecting vision and the overall health of an individual, diabetes in a combination of a heart disorder may become fatal. Moreover, high blood sugar levels also attacked the walls of the arteries. They are also associated with facilitating cholesterol accumulation in the blood vessels.

When the levels of blood glucose rise, the capacity of the heart to contract and pump the blood throughout the body becomes impaired. As such, the risks of heart failure increases. This is precisely the reason why better lifestyle changes in diabetic patients will help to prevent the symptoms of coronary artery diseases. 

According to statistics, nearly 32% of diabetic patients who were hospitalised for heart attacks developed heart failure. In this comparison, the non-diabetic patients hospitalised for heart attack were found to be only 17%. This data clearly shows how diabetes and heart diseases, when present together, can be very deadly for a patient.

Let us take a look at how diabetes affects the heart: 

As mentioned above, high blood sugars can damage the blood vessels and the nerves that cover the heart. Moreover, people, who have diabetes I am more likely to develop other conditions that expose the person to heart diseases. 

When a person has high blood pressure, the blood gushes through the arteries. This fast movement can end up damaging the walls of the artery. Moreover, when a person has both diabetes and hypertension, The risk of contracting a heart disease increases.              

Another factor that damages the blood vessels is low-density cholesterol. It can form plaque on the walls of the arteries which are already damaged.

None of the above-mentioned conditions has any specific symptoms. As such, it is very dangerous for a diabetic person to suffer simultaneously with heart disease. 

Additionally, people with diabetes are more likely to experience heart failure. This condition characterises the enable 80 of the heart to pump blood well. Because of this, there is swelling in the legs and fluid retention in the lungs. As such, a person cannot breathe properly.

How to prevent heart diseases, along with diabetes?

Since heart diseases, along with diabetes, can be fatal, it is imperative for us to know how to prevent it. Here are a few ways in which you can ensure the health of your heart along with diabetes. 

If your blood pressure is very high, then you are at risk of heart diseases and stroke. In this situation, the best choice is to take your medicines properly. The doctor will be able to recommend some prescription drugs which help to control the blood pressure. These drugs will be able to improve the long-term outcome of your disorder. Make sure to take these on time without skipping. 

For diabetes patients, regular physical and eye examinations are a must. You need to schedule 2 to 4 check-ups in a year in addition to the yearly routine eye exams. During the physical check-ups, the doctor usually asks you about the nutrition and activity level of your body. You have to make sure to get these checkups done to ensure that you are not developing any other disease apart from diabetes.

Smoking is hazardous for diabetes patients. It is known for reducing blood flow in the legs and feet, which might worsen the condition. Sometimes even an amputation is required. Smoking is also related to several other disorders which may lead to heart diseases, nerve damage and even premature death. 

For people who use insulin, alcohol can result in low blood sugars. As such, you must always intake alcohol in moderation. Quitting alcohol and smoking will be the best choices that one will make. It is because these practices affect different organs in the body and contribute to the development of heart diseases. 

Since diabetes and heart diseases are very common, one should be mindful of all the things that he or she eats. Practicing a healthy lifestyle and keeping an eye on your health is a must. 


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