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How to Book Online Appointment?

Get Online Appointment in Few Step
Book Online Appointment with Doctor near you is matter of minutes. Jivan Setu Portal links various healthcare service provider across the country where it acts like digital portal to book appointment online, In order to provide best health care information system.
Instant and confirmed appointment

There is no time in calling the doctor and fixing the appointment. We at CPDP make sure you get online appointment instant and confirmed as it is the best portal to book online Appointment with doctors. Patients can also book directly on our website of the clinic to find a suitable doctor apart from the online application portals that are available throughout. It is without any hassle. Individuals require to download the application suited to one's choice and preference login with either the phone number and get the various option of seeking doctors advice in no time.

Skipping queue

The time has gone when people used to stand in long queues for either appointments or collecting forms. It is also applicable for an appointment with doctors. Get online appointment through the help of internet and smartphone by visiting our site. Rather skipping the queue is just a click away to book online appointments with the doctor. Our websites and another online application portal that allows people to book their way out. Through booking online appointments people can skip long wait near the reception desk and the query desk is sorted as all the information related to particular doctors are available online.

Skip waiting room

As everything in today's world is dominated by the internet and is powered up by technology booking online appointments is not an exception. It is a simple process that includes a few steps, if your visit to the hospital is for the first time then registration and appointment with the doctor for your specific purpose is done through verifying oneself by using the Aadhar Number selecting the department along with the hospital, later selecting the date of the appointment and lastly receiving a confirmation of the appointment through a message. It is this simple and easy there are various portals for individuals to get online appointment the rush and the waiting room can be avoided.

Scan to book appointment

Almost everyone requires to get immediate answers from the doctors without much waiting in the queue and wasting their valuable time. You should be thankful for letting a way out in the form of booking online appointments with the doctors and individuals can soon get these appointments. We are the best online portal to be available to get online appointments and can be used judiciously by the patients for booking appointments. In our online portal, there are various ways to book the doctors apart from booking them immediately online directly. One smart way is through scanning of barcodes that are available to book the doctors. Almost all solution is received within no time and the booking is done faster without a thing to be worried about.

Find best hospital near you

The increased use of technology in the medical field has made a significant contribution to our world. It is, therefore, introducing doctors to use new equipment and techniques as well as for the patients. One can get the proper guidance and support by contacting the closest hospitals situated near you i.e. if a patient is facing any kind of problem in contacting the hospital manually, then today all the hospitals are therefore solving their queries in every way possible through the online portal of the hospital’s website just like CPDP. Even one can also book online appointments to the doctors directly by visiting our website


With the invention of modern technologies and tools, techniques and tools day by day health care services are also becoming more and more popular nowadays. It is, therefore, allowing physicians to better diagnose their patients with a broad range of technical support. Once you are creating an appointment with the respective doctor of the hospital, you will, therefore, be guided through an app where the patient will, therefore, get all the information regarding his/ her payment as well as her appointment and all. And lastly, the patient will be guided to the hospital by a map if you are not aware of the direction of the hospital.


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