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Health TipsยปProblems of working pregnant women

Problems of working pregnant women

Posted on 10 Jul 2020 by Vijaypal Singh550
Problems of working pregnant women

Becoming a mother can become quite stressful for a number of women who are employed in regular day jobs. However, pregnancy should never spell an end to your careers. There are a few things that pregnant women can do to manage their professional lives, even if they are carrying a life inside themselves. However, this becomes a little problematic when women have to commute to and from their workplaces.

It is a common notion that once women get pregnant, this should stay back at home and rest. However, this is a huge misconception. Women should not stop working until their gynaecologist or a certified health practitioner and ask them to. Moreover, a pregnant woman has a right to maternity leave, and at some workplaces, she can also be granted flexibility in working hours.  

Having said that, it is also essential for the woman to look after her health. If their usual job profile comes with specific health hazards, then she should definitely refuse to do them. Instead, she can ask for a transfer to a safer work profile and, in case, it is not available she should be allowed to leave.

Apart from these regular issues, there are a few things that pregnant women face and if you are willing to find out more about them, keep scrolling and begin reading.


Discomfort is probably the most common problem that a number of pregnant women feel. Commuting from one place to another becomes rather tedious. It is a lot more challenging to catch public transport in case one does not have their own vehicle to drive. Moreover, even with a small amount of physical activity, pregnant women can get tired quickly. This is precisely the reason why you must keep in mind specific tips to manage the pressures of work, in case you relate to this situation.


As mentioned above, fatigue may be one of the most significant challenges that pregnant women face. It is because pregnancy possesses the ability to pose a severe physical strain on your body. If you have a job that requires more physical activity, then it is best to reduce some of your workload. Moreover, it is essential to pay special attention to your diet and make sure to intake protein and iron-rich food options. Drinking enough water and lots of other fluids such as juices can also help to combat fatigue efficiently.

 Morning Sickness 

Another prevalent issue that pregnant women face is morning sickness. Morning sickness can be additionally challenging in case your job requires you to reach your workplace early. A majority of women are troubled by mourning sickness in the form of nausea or an uneasy feeling. However, there are a few food options that you can consume to avoid morning sickness. These include frequent snacking, crackers, biscuits, etc. You can also choose to resort to some calming drinks such as ginger tea. 

 Aches and Pains 

In pregnant women, change in posture is a common phenomenon since the weight suddenly increases. As such, women may face several aches and pains. This problem can become even more significant if you are supposed to sit in your office chairs for a long time. Therefore, it is best to avoid sitting and standing in one position for too long. Stretching your back or taking short walking breaks may also help in blood circulation and, as such, the tension in the muscles can also be reduced.       


Another fundamental problem that is commonly observed in a pregnant woman is swelling in feet. Several women face fluid retention in legs and ankles and as such swelling is observed. In case this is happening to you, then you need to wear comfortable footwear to your workplace. You can also try to add additional cushions in your shoes for extra comfort. If you have a desk, then you can rest your feet on a footrest to reduce the possibilities of acquiring any swelling.          

 Mood Swings

For working pregnant women, stress is a common phenomenon. As a result, mood swings may also accompany, and this might interfere with your productivity at your workplace. Women are especially prone to frequent mood swings because of the hormonal changes in the body due to pregnancy. In case the woman is stressed or fatigued, the problems can be intensified. In order to reduce the impact of mood swings, you can practise meditation or other easy breathing exercises. Taking naps and spending quality time with friends will also help to improve your mental health and keep the situation under control.

 After reading all of the problems that pregnant women face, one might feel intimidated. However, it is vital to look after one's health in case they relate to the problems mentioned above. There are a few things that pregnant women can do in order to avoid some of these problems, and they are as follows:         

  1.  Taking frequent breaks to drink water and munch on snacks.
  2. Regular stretching and walking in between sitting sessions.
  3. Intaking of healthier food options.
  4. Meditating and performing simple breathing exercises daily. 

After all, pregnancy should never be a liability on the woman. In case you are a working pregnant woman, and your problems transcend the ones mentioned above, we would strongly recommend you to see your gynaecologist as soon as possible.



Our e-mail updates will keep you informed on our company, new products, stories from the millions of people we help live healthier longer lives.