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Health TipsยปSide effects of alcohol on the skin

Side effects of alcohol on the skin

Posted on 17 Jul 2020 by Vijaypal Singh253
Side effects of alcohol on the skin

Do you like to have perfectly plain skin? Have you tried every single cosmetic available but you are unable to get the results that you desire? If you can relate to any of these situations, this article might be able to help you a little. There are a few things that we unknowingly eat or drink. These things might have an adverse effect on our skin in the form of acne or even dryness. One such thing that's on the skin very severely is alcohol.

According to many nutritionists, alcohol is one of the worst most aggressive compounds that destroy your skin. Apart from its other worse impacts, alcohol has no want to degrade the health of our skin in many ways. Interestingly, different types of drinks react differently with several skin conditions. Alcohol, as we know, is not a health elixir, but it has a severe impact on our skin. If you want to know more as to how does alcohol affect our skin, keep scrolling. 

In terms of nutritionists, alcohol is a toxin. It has a very little nutrient value, and everyone knows it impacts on liver function. Additionally, alcohol reduces immunity, disrupts hormone functioning and causes cell damage which impacts the quality, appearance and ageing of your skin.  Alcohol oozes out every molecule of water which leaves the skin dull and dehydrated. This action corresponds to it being a diuretic. 

Here are a few side-effects that alcohol has on our skin which is why we need to cut its intake:


Alcohol in different volumes is used in a majority of laboratories as a dehydrating agent. It has some properties which make it absorb moisture. Therefore we can say that alcohol is very dehydrating on our skin. When it goes inside the body, it acts as a diuretic and forces the water outside. Not only this, but it makes it even more difficult to rehydrate. The side-effects pertaining to dehydration include dry and flaky skin. 

If you are going to step out for an event make sure not to drink alcohol because otherwise, it will make your fine lines and wrinkles more visible since there is a lack of water in your skin.


Out of all, the things that skincare enthusiasts dislike the most is puffiness. Puffy eyes give the appearance of swelling and, as such, they don't look appealing at all. Alcohol is an inflammatory agent inside our bodies. When we ingest alcohol, it tends to inflame our tissues which quickly shows up on our skin. The symptoms pertaining to puffiness include breakouts and patches of redness.


If you say that you only drink cocktails, in your defence, then you have to be careful of breakouts. Nutritionists say that a number of alcoholic drinks such as white wine and cocktails are very rich in sugar content. This over indulging instantly shows up on your skin in the form of breakouts. The sugar that is present inside the alcohol is capable of crystallising your skin's cells. This makes your skin appear less plump and supple. In some people, a dull complexion is also observed. 

Disruption of Hormones 

Let us now discuss as to how alcohol affects the normal functioning of hormones inside the body. Usually, it is the sugar inside the alcohol that does the job. This sugar initiates and insulin response. Elevated levels of insulin tend to have a negative effect on sex hormones and thyroid gland. This eventually causes hormonal imbalance. High levels of sugar in alcohol causes inflammation which results in breakouts, redness and even cell damage.

Disturbance In The Natural Microbiome 

For all of you who do not know, our body is a house for some bacteria which helps to clean our gut. These bacteria form the natural gut microbiome. However, alcohol is found to deplete the healthy levels of these essential bacteria. The bacteria are involved in regulating our immune system, which helps to manage many inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema. Since there is a disturbance in the natural microbiome due to high intake of alcohol, the immunity of the person also gets compromised. 


The unhealthiest side-effects that alcohol has on your skin is that of ageing. Alcohol is responsible for dilating your blood vessels under the surface of your skin. This allows more blood to flow, which makes your skin appear red. Frequent consumption of alcohol damages the skin even more and makes sure that the symptoms stick around for long. Alcohol also opens the skin and exposes it to free radical damage which leads to ageing.

This is why we support the fact that everything is okay when ingested in moderation. Overindulging in particular alcohol, even wine, can give you a sickly hangover and wreak havoc on your skin. Therefore, the only solution is to cut down on it or live with ghastly skin conditions.


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