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Health TipsยปWays to overcome loneliness

Ways to overcome loneliness

Posted on 08 Jul 2020 by Vijaypal Singh442
Ways to overcome loneliness

Do you feel like you are alone? Are you looking for an activity that you can do for your self on your own self? If yes, then this article will be of great help. If you are mental health is okay then loneliness is never a problem. However, if your loneliness affects your daily productivity and creativity, then you definitely need to see a psychiatrist. We say so because only a psychiatrist will be able to analyse if you are feeling the same because of a mental illness or if your feelings have nothing to do with stress. 

Loneliness is a compelling emotion, and it occurs as a complex mental and emotional phenomena. Every human can experience a feeling of abandonment at some point in their lives. In case you are feeling the same, wait for a few days till that feeling goes away. And while you are doing the same, you can also undertake a few activities which will keep your mind occupied. 

Connect With People In Real-Time 

Always resorting to your screens while looking for new friends or relationships can become quite tedious. Life, in reality, is a lot different than life at Instagram. While our social media platforms are all full of happy moments, the reality is quite different. Nobody updates about their failures, and this might instil a feeling of loneliness and self-loathing in some people. 

Reminding yourself about this simple fact, while going through your social media is quite tricky. In order to avoid self-loathing, you can surround yourself with some positive people that vibe with you. Make sure to do it in real-time. Join a volunteer program or teach at a local NGO. Try to meet as many people as possible and speak to them casually. You will realise that there are a lot of people like you and there is a lot of hope for a positive and beautiful life.              


Travelling is by far the most eye-opening activity that one can perform. Travelling not only broadens your perspective, but it grooms you as an individual. By travelling, we do not mean that you have to book your tickets to the farthest country. You can also choose to travel in your own city like a tourist. 

Travelling also helps you to speak to strangers without any difficulties. When you meet strangers, and you speak to them, you tend to view the world through different perspectives. This will help you to appreciate your individuality and count your blessings. If you end up making friends with them, it will provide you with a permanent solution to your loneliness as well.

 Stop Your Negative Thought Cycles 

When we are alone, we tend to ponder on our lives a lot. Since ours is a modern generation and everything is shared on the internet, the comparison is inevitable. When we see a lot of people doing well in their lives, we tend to think that we are less than them. This not only brings in the self-loathing and self-pity but also causes stress on one's mind. These negative thoughts cycles eventually cause severe mental stress which may transform into depression or even anxiety. 

If you think you are any similar, then you have to stop causing these negative thought cycles. Negative thoughts drain out every ounce of energy from your bodies and affect your overall productivity. So the next time you are thinking negatively, ask yourself if it is worth it. Once your brain insists that it's not, you will successfully stop feeling terrible about yourself. 

Practise Kindness 

Not only should you be kind to others, but you must also remember to practise self-kindness. You have to understand that being judgemental of peoples choices only ruins your perspective and makes you a narrow-minded person. As such, you also tend to correspond yourself towards societal norms, and once you are unable to achieve these norms, you get a feeling of failure.         

 In such situations, give yourself a break and limit your hurtful self-talk. Perhaps you can try taking a walk in a natural ambience to clear up your mind. You can also take a day of your work and spend it by engaging in self-care. 

Cultivate Your Hobbies

Our mundane everyday schedules also restrict us towards our work and our houses. As such, we become machines who are only concerned with making money for a comfortable life. In such a situation, feeling lonely is quite understandable. If you relate to this situation, then you can try cultivating your hobbies. Whether it is painting or writing letters, cultivating your hobbies not only make you feel better but they also give you a sense of belongingness. You can also involve your friends or interact with people who have similar hobbies as you. 

When people are some suffering from anxiety or depression, feeling lonely can become an everyday affair. We strongly recommend you to consult a psychiatrist if this feeling of loneliness interferes with your day to day activities. In other cases, you can practise the activities mentioned above, and you won't even realise when your feeling would be replaced with confidence.


Our e-mail updates will keep you informed on our company, new products, stories from the millions of people we help live healthier longer lives.